Design Options

There are three design options that play an important role in choosing the best concrete countertop for your space.



One of the allures of concrete is that it can be molded into virtually any shape, giving it a grandeur and presence that is unmistakable. Whether it is traditional kitchen countertops, an island oval or a bar area that gently curves away from a cabinet, concrete countertops are always striking and unique. The artistic quality of concrete is most apparent when the it has elements that are unachievable with other surfaces. Concrete can be any thickness. Our countertops generally run two inches thick, but one and a half inches thick is also popular. The flexibility of concrete insures that you will have a unique piece of art perfectly suited for your project.

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COUNTERintelligence of Atlanta can produce concrete countertops in any shade. Popular colors range from blacks to browns, tans to reds, blues and greens and even more whimsical shades. Another option is to use no color in the mix, which reveals a beautiful gray or even white. Even the common gray color of concrete comes in multiple shades. The color we use is a powder and is mixed directly into the batch. The result is the entire concrete piece is consistently the same color. Unless otherwise requested, we try to mix the color with the idea of it being as consistent as possible across the countertop's surface. It is possible that some color variation will occur, but this is generally looked upon as adding to the beauty of a piece rather than detracting from it.

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Inlays are objects that are imbedded into the surface of the concrete. They can be either left in the surface, or can be ground away with the surface itself, creating a multitude of effects. Objects that are commonly used can include semi-precious stones, coins, shells, fossils, tiles or particular objects of interest to a client. The choices are limitless. Inlays can provide an opportunity to either enhance or contrast the subtle changes of color in your countertop. While the smooth, clean surface of a solid color countertop is in itself an object of beauty, another option is to expose the aggregate stone by grinding down the surface. Depending on the size and type of stone used in the mix, numerous effects can be created.